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Tylee+Co offer a wide range of corporate finance services, tailored to the real needs of smaller, mid-size and larger organisations on an ongoing or project basis.

Corporate Finance Transactions

We can assist you to originate and execute corporate finance transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, divestments and capital raisings.

We are focused on transactions for small to mid-market companies and provide sell-side and buy-side advice for clients across most industry sectors.

Our local knowledge, networks and corporate finance expertise enable us to source and complete transactions that create value for our clients (refer Our Clients for examples of transactions we have completed).

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We have experience assisting clients during all stages of M&A transactions, from initial financial and valuation analysis to supporting final negotiations.

We can assist clients determine their optimal growth strategy, which could include growth via M&A.

We can also originate deals for clients, including identifying suitable M&A targets.

In addition, Tylee+Co has experience assisting clients form strategic relationships such as joint ventures and alliances.

Sale of businesses and sharesSale of businesses and shares

We work with business owners looking to exit private companies, across a range of sectors.

We assist owners with succession planning.  We determine the most optimal exit strategy taking into account their personal and business objectives.

Should you wish to sell all or part of your business, we can draw on an established network of potential purchasers, including trade and financial buyers.

We also have experience with management buy-outs (MBOs) and management buy-ins (MBIs).

Capital raisingsCapital raisings

We have assisted numerous high-growth and established companies raise capital for growth and other purposes.

We have experience structuring investment propositions to maximise value for existing shareholders and to increase the likelihood of raising capital.

We have extensive investor networks including high net worth individuals, angel investors, venture capital funds, private equity funds, investment companies and corporates. We also have established relationships with debt providers such as trading banks.


We assist you in preparing for a transaction:

  • Gathering and reviewing information 
  • Valuation analysis and deal structuring
  • Financial modelling and analysis
  • Identifying potential purchasers, investors or targets
  • Undertaking due diligence, including vendor due diligence
  • Preparing sales and investment documents

Third Party Approaches & NegotiationThird Party Approaches & Negotiation

We manage all aspects of dealing with third-parties:

  • Arranging confidentiality agreements
  • Providing further information 
  • Calling for, or making, indicative offers
  • Drafting and negotiating term sheets 

Due Diligence & CompletionDue Diligence & Completion

We manage the final stages of a transaction:

  • Preparing for or undertaking commercial due diligence
  • Negotiating binding agreements
  • Liaising with other advisors e.g. legal, tax, accounting

Tylee+Co has established relationships with a range of other professionals such as lawyers and accountants who can assist in completing the transaction.

Strategic and Financial Advisory Services

Tylee+Co provides a range of strategic and financial advisory services including:


We value shares and businesses:

  • For a variety of purposes, including sale and purchase transactions, capital raisings and matrimonial divisions
  • For different sized stakes, including minority interest parcels and controlling interests
  • Using fair value and fair market value approaches
  • For companies at different stages of their life cycle, from start-ups to established businesses
  • Using a variety of valuation methodologies, including capitalisation of future maintainable earnings and discounted cash flows

We also value intangible assets.

Financial Modelling & AnalysisFinancial Modelling & Analysis

We develop financial models and undertake financial analysis for:

  • Existing businesses, and for new businesses and projects
  • Corporate finance transactions such as a merger or capital raising
  • Valuation and strategic planning purposes
  • Benchmarking purposes

Deal StructuringDeal Structuring

We help clients structure deals for:

  • Sale and purchase transactions – assets or shares
  • Re-organisations
  • Capital raisings, including capital planning for high-growth companies (for future capital raising rounds)

Strategy & PlanningStrategy & Planning

We perform strategic assessments to determine:

  • The attractiveness of acquisition targets
  • Potential strategic options pursuable
  • Optimal growth strategies, including organic growth and/or M&A

We also assist clients in developing:

  • Strategic plans, taking into account their core capabilities and market positions
  • Business plans for capital raising purposes, or for annual planning purposes
  • Business cases for new business opportunities
  • Investment cases

Litigation supportLitigation support

Using our financial analysis and valuation expertise, we support legal advisors and their clients with general business disputes and commercial litigation.

We also act as expert witnesses to quantify damages and the value of shares.

Advisory Board ServicesAdvisory Board Services

We provide advisory board services to small and mid-market companies:

  • To provide independent and objective advice and 'outside eye' on your business
  • To contribute to strategic and business planning, and monitoring
  • To assist develop and implement growth and exit strategies over time
  • As an interim step to having a full board

Our principal, Dougal Tylee has extensive governance experience, including former roles with:

  • Henergy Cage-Free – Independent Director and Chair
  • Align – Non-Executive Director
  • St Matthew's Collegiate School - Trustee
  • d-cyphaTrade and Energy Market Services – Board Advisor
  • Allied Kiwi - Independent Director

For more details on these governance roles (and other roles) click here.

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